• About us:

    INDMakina has started as an induction heating machinery sales and technical service firm in 2011, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Although induction heating equipments are used in a wide range of industries and applications, INDMakina has chosen to direct its resources to brazing applications and started working on brazing solutions for the electromechanical industry in 2014. Currently, INDMakina is extensively focusing on resistance brazing & induction brazing equipments and systems. We are dealing with product development, manufacturing, sales and technical service. Our main products are compact type mobile resistance brazing machines with built-in cooling systems and compact type mobile induction brazing machines with built-in cooling systems.


    Our brazing equipments are widely used in the Turkish market and as a natural next step, we have started promoting our equipments in the global markets. INDMakina is committed to developing its brazing equipments / solutions and determined to export its high-quality custom designed products across the globe.

  • About Resistance Brazing

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    Intimate contact of brazing work pieces

    No gaps between brazing work pieces and brazing alloys. Heat → Braze → Hold → Release

    Strong and clean brazing joints

    Filler metal is used to diffuse two metal parts. INDMakina portable brazing equipment assures the strongest and cleanest brazing joint with minimum porosity.

    Alternative to Induction & Flame Brazing

    Comparable results, yet resistance brazing being more suitable for some copper connections brazing applications.

    Water-cooled compact system

    Our machines include built-in water cooling systems in order to cool the pneumatic brazing heads / guns for long service life and good quality brazing.

    Resistance brazing generator

    Capable of delivering high intensity over a long time period. Maintenance free.