Short Circuit Ring Induction Brazing



    Our custom built inductive short circuit rotor brazing systems provides a clean, fast and efficient braze joint between the short circuit ring and the short circuit rod.

  • Short Circuit Ring Brazing System Features

    Fast, clean and repeatable process with consistent results

    Precise temperature controlled induction heating

    Temperature homogeinity across the ring. Our custom designed induction coil ensures temperature uniformity

    One shot brazing or segment brazing depending on the short circuit ring diameter and cross-section

    Minimal heat transfer into the laminations with focused heating zones and preventive cooling

    High energy efficiency with targeted heating zones.

    PLC control with easy to operate user interface and parameters recording

    Optimal diffusion / brazing joints can be achieved in every process

    Minimal oxidation, less distortion and elimination of rebalancing

    Lower running costs and overall superior process compared to flame brazing

    Custom designed system built by brazing experts

    On-site commissioning support and 7/24 off-site technical support

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